Doing something ordinary takes extra ordinary efforts…

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I am just an ordinary person. But sometime extraordinary things happen.. even to ordinary people like me.  You may wonder what is extraordinary and what is not… and I totally agree that it’s totally subjective…

For instance it is absolutely normal and day to day ordinary basic for you to eat 3 meals a day? But don’t forget that it might not be for some people in the world and on any good day they have actually had 3 meals – it is considered a day of extraordinary fortune….

Anyway – moving back to my own self – Do you think going on a trip to a remote part of Africa for two weeks to do some voluntary work alone is just another normal part of our daily lives …? I think it is …

Controlling the tug in my heart or the ache building up in my uterus is not turning out to be any other ordinary task though. I think this is where most mothers give up…. leaving your four year old daughter may be easy but handling all the mixed feelings ranging from guilt to anger to desperation  for doing just that – is definitely not.

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