I am not lucky!


Sometimes I am told that I am rather lucky to have a husband who happily looks after our daughter when I am travelling on my own. I personally think that it is rather silly! What does luck have to do anything with it?

Surely in this modern time and age – parenthood should be shared 50/50 and a woman doesn’t have to termed ‘lucky’ only because daddy has the child/children for a few days or weeks on his own?!

I know of families where the father- being the bread winner- stays away for months and years at a time and it is the mother who is left with the kids without any Oohs..Aaahs and Issh.. Does any of you call that man lucky? I am sure you don’t..

Hence I am not really sure why I am lucky!!

I know a mother is a mother .. but surely a father can be a father too! You only need to think objectively and understand parenthood and just just motherhood..

The first time I left Raaida alone with daddy was when she was 7 months for 9 days. Since then I have travelled to numerous destinations without my family for work and pleasure.

I am sure some people (maybe mostly women than men) will judge me for being a careless, selfish mom but does it matter? Not really…

Each time I leave my now four year old behind. I tell her to look after daddy as much as daddy will look after her. I love her unconditionally and sometimes I think being away from her now and then makes her appreciate me more.

I believe she is learning not to take her mother for granted. She is learning that mummy is entitled to go about doing her own business and things for her own pleasure without feeling guilty about it just as much as daddy.

And above all- she is learning that when she is a mother she will not have to feel 100% responsible for her children all the time and will definitely not have to sacrifice her dreams and wishes just because she didn’t get ‘lucky’…