It is a mission….

My bags are packed. I got less than 48 hours to start my mission. And Yes! It is indeed a mission… !!

My husband started calling this ‘my mission’ rather than a trip when he saw how sincerely and methodically I have planned and worked for this.. (rather unusual)….and you know what? I kind of agree….

It is indeed a personal mission for me. A mission to challenge myself in every single way possible. A mission to test my professional qualifications, my adaptability to work  in a new culture and work environment with new people in a brand new country!

I am very sure that two weeks in Kenya will teach me things that will last me my entire lifetime. I will come back full of memories that I am hoping will always make me smile and fill me with gratitude that I got the chance to do it in my rather ordinary life.

Now, In case you are wondering what this ‘great mission’ of mine is.. it is to work for an amazing organisation called Child Rescue Kenya (here is a link to their website:

Child Rescue Kenya works with vulnerable children in and around Kitale to protect the children, empower their families and promote children’s rights. They provide key interventions and solutions for homeless and vulnerable children to alleviate poverty, prepare them for the future and strive to preserve and promote the family unit. They also run a rescue centre which provides food, accommodation, health care and has a team of social workers who will try to understand why the child has run away/ is homeless and help to work through any family problems that may have caused it.

It is run by 25 workers and 4 volunteers…And I ….will be the first finance volunteer!!

CRK has reached out seeking international expertise on organisation financial management and development of and advice on the strength of the existing controls, programme value for money and impact evaluation. They can do with some training and mentoring, particularly around internal controls, financial monitoring tools for their various programmes, financial analysis and the preparation of financial reports. I will be also be conducting an internal review of their systems, procedures and controls and making and implementing recommendations for best practice.

I got this opportunity to do something this extra ordinary in my ordinary life with the help of Afid.  ( I dont want to make this post extra extra long – so please check their website and if you are an accountant …I would definitely encourage you to try doing something similar. We accountants can sometimes become rather mundane and grey  in our corporate lives living with numbers… and doing such voluntary assignments, even if for 2 weeks, can give us a complete fresh perspective, challenge our learning and take us to colourful destinations… like Africa in my case!!!

Cant wait for my mission to start 🙂



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  1. It is a mission you are going for…. and a very good deed as well. Not many has the courage to go to a different part of the world… an unknown place to millions….
    All the best !!!
    Can’t wait to read more of your journey and mission

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