Travel alone….

Has anyone ever done any surveys on what % of Bangladeshi women venture out in the world to travel on their own? I looked for some statistics on the internet but couldn’t find anything….

Being just another Bangladeshi girl – I grew up learning that it is never safe to travel alone….. Whether it was to go to your tutor’s home or to the market. Travelling to another city or country? Are you mad??

But that was the 90’s – world has changed surely … and brave Bangladeshi solo female travelers are a bit more visible these days… but even then being a number person it would have been nice to have this in a trend analysis or a graph..

So, as I was saying – like most middle class Bangladeshi girls – I was protected and over protected again and again till I was maybe 15? Taking the local bus to university is what I referred to as Solo Travelling in those days…

But in the last 20 years – I have crossed the bridge.

I have been there and done that…. and I just wish more Bangladeshi women would do the same….

It is with sadness I see the modern ladies of my origin (living outside and within the country)… free from the sleeves and scarves; and high up there in heels… but beyond the posh exterior … I still see how tightly shackled they are to our old learning….