Shuyeb – We talk every day and about everything. And I guess like most people in love – we do say those three special words often enough.. But sometimes on special days like this Valentine’s Day I think it is important to explain why I love you.

In short I love you for what you are and what you have brought to my life. But over the last 12 years I have found more reasons to love you and here’s only a few of them….

I love you for being the young man those many, many years ago who believed in himself and me and that we can make a good life together. Even though I had my doubts – I love you for trusting in US and giving me such a nice family.

I love you for letting me, be me….from Day 1 till date… I own my past and my present with pride like no other – because of you. You never make me feel embarrassed or make me regret the mistakes I have made in my past. Whether it is a broken friendship, lost love, a job I failed to finish – you are always the person I can discuss my feelings with and my frustrations.
You always let me fight my own battles yet help me each and every time I need you. I feel free and incredibly independent; even though I know exactly how much I depend on you… so I love you for always supporting me and being the catalyst of my progress in life.

I love you for teaching me the value and the real meaning of honesty and integrity. Because you are the only man I know who goes back to a shop after months to pay for the items shop assistant forgot to scan and you just happened to notice it while throwing away old receipts!

I love you for teaching me to look into the good of others no matter how bad things go (even though I still haven’t learned it completely). I try to understand how you are always so nice with everyone and how you never lose your temper – so I love you for teaching me to look at things from someone else’s eyes when things don’t go my ways all the time.

I love you for being such a selfless man. Only crazy people jumps into the water to save a child even when they don’t know how to swim – but I love you for being so crazy and saving that little girl’s life that day. I also I love you for being the man who takes out credit card loans to lend to people in desperate need even though you got no savings of your own and will actually have to pay interest on the loan. For you – many people are in a better position in their lives and whether they acknowledge it or not – I know you always do these without hesitations and without wishing anything back for yourself.

Also – I love you for being such a caring family man. I don’t know why you always wait for me and Raaida to sleep first before indulging yourself into a night’s rest. I know you love me without any condition and without seeking anything. I know when it comes to me, my family and my friends – you give from the heart and treat them like your own. Something I still need to learn from you.

I love you for being a supportive partner in my daily life too. Most men can love their wives but not many can live it every day. You – however live up to it most days… Unlike most women I never complain about house chores, cooking for family or looking after our child. And everyone around us knows why…

I love you for being the wonderful father you are. Once again most men can father children but not many can be relied upon completely and utterly to look after a baby or an infant without the supervision of the mother! I love you for giving me that freedom… I love you for giving me the option to go wherever I want for however long I want without feeling guilty or concerned because I know I am leaving her in the best possible hands ever.. In most times even better than my own!

I love you for trusting me like no one else. You always have faith in me and you are always the one smoothing out my self-doubts and giving me that boost of confidence. Whether it is professional life or personal matters – you trust me fully; and I love you for that.
Not many men will like it if their wives go off to a different country to meet their old ‘male’ friend or if they talk about their ‘new biker boyfriend’ when they come back from a foreign trip. Whilst other gasps and looks at me in horror when I goof around on such topics – you smile at me with that sign of confidence that makes me love you even more!

I love you for all the surprises and randomness you fill my life with. Whether it is a plant that grows to say you love me or the personalised romance novel with our names on it – you always manage to shower me with thoughtful gifts. You know how branded, showy and expensive gifts hold no meaning to me and how such little gestures of love warms my heart. Whether it is the midnight trip to Paris or the long drive at 4 am to get masala tea, to see the first snow, Christmas lights or moon light– I know with you my life, it will never be ‘boring’; and I truly love you for bringing such freshness in my life.

I love you for being my best travel partner too. Together we have travelled to over twenty odd countries in the last decade and I sincerely believe the world does seem better when I am with you.

I also love you for loving me like no one ever has. You make me feel special, lovely and perfect even when I am totally not!! But I guess that is what love is anyway..

The thing is … I don’t think I can ever list all the reasons ever!!

So I am going to just finish off here by saying that – I LOVE YOU for being just ‘YOU’.

You are the reason why my simple life has become special every day and I sincerely thank Allah for blessing me with you.

Once again …I Love you Shuyeb And Happy Valentine’s Day!